about xpel south africa


Custom Protection Products (CPP) was established in 2009 and took over the Distribution right to XPEL®’s range of Products in January 2019.

Our main operation is in Gauteng, with a branch in Cape Town with approved dealers in Johannesburg, Durban, Klerksdorp, George and Polokwane. We intend having a approved dealers appointed in Bloemfontein (covering Kimberley), Mpumalanga, Northern Cape in 2019.

CPP was initially intended as a side-line business and to create opportunities for young adults who have ambition and seek the freedom of growing a separate and self-owned business unit of CPP.

But due to the phenominal growth and increasing demand for alternative options to that of some other ‘familiar’ PPF & Tint brands and fitment agents in the SA market. We decided to tap into this market and have canvassed a number of car dealerships and other specialised partners, whom have come to know and appreciate our very high standards, quality of product offering and workmanship, to join us in marketing the XPEL product range (as an option to their list of after-market products) as a way to expand their services.

Like our supplying partner XPEL USA, we have also proven to be a trend setter in South Africa, through passion for what we do, we ensure continued Innovation and strive to stay ahead in our field, with the latest of new materials and techniques to apply the best Protection to your pride and joy.

Poly Urethane film fitment requires perfectionist skill, patience and endurance and can in no way be compared to fitting Vinyl or ‘carbon/black’ vinyl wrapping to vehicles. The method of application requires a fine attention to detail and precision by a well-trained and skilled technician, which is why so many other, less skilled fitment dealers have opted to discontinue this product application service.

The SA Vehicle Tint/Window Safety Film market has also seen all but two other branded products and has been marred by substandard and uncertified colouring Window Tint products, which has tainted the market severely. 

After sales service, professionalism and customer satisfaction is our core motto!

It is evident in the high percentage of return-customers and the growing number of new Customers who opt to join us, that customers approve of not only our product, but also the quality of workmanship and service we offer and the way we go about our daily trade.



To lead in service and quality excellence and be an example, not only for our industry; To grow our business concept sustain-ably and organically; Successful Partnerships create successful partners; To create opportunity for young people who share our passion and vision.


Our clients tend to be pedantic, so are we; Under sell, over perform; Transparency is key, the alternative is for people having to see through you; Ensure every clients content; Never compromise on the small things, important to others; Not to compromise on our terms of reference, except if it is to the better good for all parties involved.