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A: Both serves a very difference purpose and function.

PPF protects your painted surface against scuffs, chips and damage, while a Ceramic Coatings provide some level of protection against chemicals (not resistant) and will keep you car cleaner for longer and ease the cleaning of you cars surface. It will however not provide the level of protection for your car as a PPF would.

A: We only endorse the application of XPEL FUSION Plus Ceramic coating on top of XPEL Paint Protection Film. This is because it bonds to the top coat on a molecular level, which will see the film retain its self-healing ability. Some other coating may harden and even discolour Paint Protection Films and XPEL/CPP may void your Film warranty. It can however also be applied on painted surfaces.

A: Ceramic Coatings purpose is to keep your car clean for longer by preventing anything from sticking to the surface, so naturally, PPF will lift or even not stick at all when a Ceramic coating is applied before a PPF Application. Aways apply a Ceramic Coating after PPF installs and when the film has fully cured.

A: FUSION PLUS uses Silicon Dioxide technology. It’s a complex chemical matrix that is unique to us. A combination of several technologies that cross-link very strongly.

A: Ease of maintenance, hydrophobic properties, and self-cleaning properties.

A: FUSION PLUS is backed by a 4-year warranty. We do recommend using our XPEL Ceramic Boost spray to help protect the finish and enhance the hydrophobic properties.

A: Yes, FUSION PLUS is a 9H ceramic coating that is scratch resistant.

A: We require a minimum of 6 Hours before getting wet (time may need to extend depending on conditions).

A: Full cure takes 3 days – full cure should be reached before washing the vehicle(-time may need to extend depending on conditions).

A: No, the warranty states: FUSION PLUS will help protect your vehicle’s paint finish against oxidation, loss of gloss, UV damage, Bug impacts, colour fading, acid rain and paint chalking.

A: Warranty details are listed on the website. 

A: The first thing to know is that the two products are not comparable and thus not a true comparison to one another. Paint protection film provides a urethane layer of protection against rock chips and scratches. Ceramic coatings, even when cured, is microns thin and is not engineered to stop rock chips. That said, it is an excellent product for protection against environmental contaminates such as bird droppings, bug guts, and more. Not to mention that it makes cleaning off track rubber much easier. To further answer the question – ceramic coatings are for people who want some basic protection along with increased shine, gloss, depth of color, and great hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties. PPF are for the people who want actual protection against rock chips and scratches.

A: Ease of maintenance, hydrophobic properties, and self-cleaning are benefits of FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating.

A: 9H hardness is a rating based on the Pencil Hardness Test, commonly used by manufacturers of clear and pigmented surface coatings. The Pencil Hardness test is used to determine the scratch resistance of a coating surface by using pencils to scratch the surface and rate the scratch resistance in relation to that pencils hardness and other materials of similar hardness.

A: XPEL FUSION PLUS is not warrantied for wheels or glass.

A: Not currently, customer will be responsible for getting their annual inspections. We are working on this feature with the new online warranty registration.

A: We recommend using XPEL Ceramic Boost to add extra gloss and slickness to the ceramic coated surface.

A: You should be able to visually see a difference from one section to the next. Low spots, oxidation, acid rain, bug impacts, etc, can cause issues if not addressed properly.

A: As the coating cures (3 days) it hardens and becomes glossier as a result.

A: The coating links with the painted surface creating a new functional layer. By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with the vehicles paintwork you get a coating that cannot be washed off like a wax or sealant.

A: If your vehicle is protected with XPEL FUSION PLUS, it is highly recommended you use an approved car wash solution, such as XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash, which is formulated to help encapsulate the dirt and help keep your surface protected and scratch free. XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash has been tested and works great with FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating. Once you finish washing your vehicle, we recommend using XPEL Ceramic Boost spray, for an extra slick, hydrophobic surface. We also have XPEL Detail Spray for quick wipe downs in between washings.