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1) Pre-Cut carries 100% less liability when it comes to Cut/Knife marks in a new paint job.

2) When a car is taken apart to wrap all edges, for film to be installed, then all panels touching any ONE panel that needs to be fixed or replaced for any reason, will need to be removed and reinstalled instead of just the ONE that has the damage.

3) An inexperienced installer will tend to overstretch when hand cutting where through proper training on the installation of pre cut patterns yields more long-term adhesion because the XPEL DAP patterns are made to work within the limits of the film.

4) A good pre-cut pattern database like the DAP offers the ability to manipulate patterns to wrap any available edges without needing a knife!

5) Supercars are made to a very high tolerance accurate. If you attempt to get two panels on a car like a Nissan GTR closer together by 17 mils (the film is 8.5 thick so two sides are getting closer by twice that amount), and the car won’t move/shift between panels like intended by the manufacturer causing the film to rub and potentially lift due to constant friction.

A: The higher the tint shade i.e. 70% the lighter the film and vice versa.

35% is the darkest legal limit in South Africa.

35% means 35% light emittance (light being let through). Hence the higher the number, the more light is left through/the lighter the shade of tint is.

A: It’s the same thing. Globally it is referred to Automotive Window Safety film. In South Africa we have developed the term ‘Anti Smash & Grab’

A: The Thickness. Tint is commonly applied to your rear window as it’s thinner and easier to shape/mould. It is 1,5mil (38 microns) thick where as side window film is (4mil 100 microns) thick.

A: A good quality window tint / safety film will not affect your vision and in certain cases depending on the film it might even improve it by reducing glare, etc

A: XPEL is now officially one of three branded Automotive Safety film in South Africa. Many companies import films from China or Korea, box and brand it locally, meaning there’s seldom consistency or a manufacturers warranty accompanying the film, which then in turn is carried by the installer.

A: No Window Safety or tint film is Bullet proof. It is simply not thick enough

A: If correctly installed professionally, no it should not, nor should it scratch

A: You can use XPEL’s Tint film Cleaner, available through our online shop or dealer network, or just some Methylated Spirits on a wet microfiber cloth.

A: 4H (as hard as your nail)

A: All XPEL’s Automotive safety and tint films has a transferrable life time warranty.

A: Through our accredited dealer network or we can facilitate the fitment

A: Yes, it can depending on your location from one of our dealers.

A: Yes you can, we usually put either a very light 70% (to give you the 99% UV block) or a standard Clear 4mil (100 micron) film on it.

If is is the same Tint yes, but dye colours differ between manufacturers and also the type of tint. XPEL uses the same Dye in all their Tint films across the range, hence we are able to mix & match XR for Heat on the front, roof and back window and CS on the sides for Safety (Anti-Smash & Grab)