In 2015 the global paint protection film market was expected to reach USD 1.49 billion by 2022, this anticipated growth however was exceeded in FYE Feb 2017 by annual sales having reached USD 1,85 billion, (4 years early). The growth of automotive industry coupled with rising consumer awareness regarding car protection is expected to remain key factors driving the market growth. 

Global paint protection film market size was valued at USD 863.8 million in 2014. Rapidly expanding automotive industry particularly in emerging economies of Asia Pacific and Latin America is expected to remain a key driving factor for the global paint protection film market.

XPEL® Automotive Survival products are Imported from the United States of America from XPEL Inc. based in San Antonio, Texas and is traded on the NASDAQ, (NASDAQ: XPEL).

Despite numerous new products entering the market since 2017, XPEL® had a 68% growth in revenue in 2018. XPEL®, leads the industry in designing, manufacturing and distributing high-performance automotive paint and headlamp protection film technologies as well as Window tint and Safety Films. 

Using XPEL®’s proprietary software and materials, their professional design team develops products that deliver the ultimate in vehicle protection, inside and out. Meeting the demands of a broad range of makes and models. With more than 90,000 vehicle-specific applications and a global network of trained installers, XPEL® is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in providing high-quality products, customer service and technical support. XPEL®.

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XPEL® pioneered the pre-cut design pattern market when it opened its doors and was the worlds first PPF manufacturer to launch a self healing PPF in 2011, in 2018 XPEL® improved their self healing technology in XPEL Ultimate PLUS.

XPEL® had a staggering growth of 68% to US $108m in 2018 and US$168m in 2019.

XPEL has continued to make strides in becoming an OEM supplier to some premium Automotive brands and vastly expanded their product line up, which has contributed to their Share price since their listing in June 2019 at US$4,00 per share, currently trading at close to US$40.00 per share. On the 10th of December 2020, XPEL (NASDAQ) was singled out as as a Penny Stock that out performed even knows stock such as ‘Tesla’ with a growth of 170,000% since listing, just over a Year before.

They have reported a Revenue increase of 29.5% in the 3rd quarter with NET income growing 46.5%, EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) grew 50.5% and revenues increased 22% for the current Financial year (9 months) compared to their 2019 Financial Year End result.

After sales service, professionalism and customer satisfaction is our core motto!