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The South African market has been marred by substandard fitments, films and unethical conduct, in 2012 when CPP took to the market with XPEL® Paint Protection Films, we had one objective, quality, service excellence and total Customer satisfaction. No compromise. To set the trend and bring the South African market on a Global Standard level

It’s through our stern Corporate Policies & procedures which we continue to develop over the years that we have successfully established the XPEL® brand synonymous with reputability, credibility, quality, honest value for money and integrity. 

In order to become a Network partner and subsequently a dealer and installer, you will first need to sign a few documents protecting our and XPEL®’s IP (Intellectual Property), commit to exclusively in representing the brand, up hold our code of conduct and then undergo a vigorous training program spread over a time, approved by XPEL USA. (Fee’s may be applicable) in any one of the 3 primary product fields, PPF, Tint/Safety Film and or Ceramic Coating Applications.

Secondly, CPP will NOT appoint and partner with dealers that are in the same Geographical location as existing dealers or dealers whom are already in the process of becoming accredited.

Should you wish to become an installer partner, you will need to under go a vigorous training program, be assessed, graded and certified or failed.

Certification is valid for 1 year,  where after it is re-assessed and re-issued annually. Random spot checks on quality will be done throughout the year.

We are not in the Box moving business and our model is unique, regulated and built on sound, sustainable business principals, integrity, which has seen XPEL become a recognised and known brand in the South African and Global Motor trade.  

CPP took over the Distribution rights in January 2019. Part of the motivation for the ‘take over’ & reason is that our vision, strategy over the past 8 Years since we started building the brand in South Africa, together with our outlook, passion and dedication for the Brand is exactly inline with XPEL’s Global vision & strategy.

XPEL is a Premium brand with Global influence and reputation as a market leader and innovator. However as with any growing market, many try and jump on board to the opportunity to make money and grow on the back of our success in replicating just that in the SA market, we all know what happens after that.

As a potential partner, we’d like to hear about you & like you to tell us a little about you/your company in order for us to consider adding you to the global growing XPEL family of installers, partners & dealers.

DOWNLOAD the Credit application from the top of this page, complete and email to us at

Please expand/motivate and comment on each question below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your application and questionnaire will take 7 to 10 days to process. One will not be processed without the other.